Veterinary Dermatology

Animals are susceptible to hundreds of skin disorders. Since many of these diseases and infectious parasites display very similar changes to the skin, knowing the subtle differences oftentimes requires the specialized training of a veterinary dermatologist. These are a few of the services that our veterinary dermatologists perform:

  • Allergy testing (skin testing) and immunotherapy.
  • Testing for food allergies and hypoallergenic diets.
  • Ear disease diagnosis and treatment, including Video-otoscopy.
  • Carbon dioxide Laser for skin cancer removal.
  • Bacterial and fungal skin disease diagnosis and treatment.
  • Cytological smears and microbiologic examinations.
  • Ectoparasite identification and treatment.
  • Immune-mediated and hormonal skin disease diagnosis and treatment.
  • Treatments of nail and nail bed disorders.
  • Skin Biopsy sampling and histopathology interpretation

Working together with your general veterinarian, the veterinary dermatologists at Dermatology for Animals, PC will use the most advanced methods to properly diagnose and treat your pet. We are dedicated to improving the quality of your pet’s life through specialized knowledge and care.

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