Veterinary Emergency Care

Originally founded as Emergency Animal Clinic (EAC), we have been a respected provider of veterinary care since 1974. In 2015, EAC became BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital. BluePearl is a national family of specialty and emergency hospitals for pets. The rapidly growing company currently operates more than 55 hospitals across the country. While our name has changed, our team members and our high standards of veterinary care remain the same. We provide unsurpassed veterinary care in all of our locations: Peoria, Gilbert, Phoenix, Avondale and Scottsdale. Our hospitals are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Skillful and committed, our veterinarians treat your pets with the same compassion and expertise that they would give to their own pets. We are proud to serve as an extension of your family veterinarian when they are not available. When seconds count in a pet emergency, the specialized training of our teams make a difference. Be sure to save our phone number in case of a pet emergency.

Animal Emergency Care - Arizona Veterinary SpecialistsWhat to do if your pet has an emergency:

Pet emergencies include everything from difficulty breathing to poisoning, seizures to heatstroke, open wounds or fractures to hidden trauma. In cases of pet emergencies, the trained staff of the BluePearl Emergency Pet Hospital will provide the specialized care necessary to try to save a pet's life. If your pet is injured, or suddenly develops symptoms of a life-threatening disease, proper emergency care should be initiated quickly.

  1. Plan ahead for your pet's emergency medical needs and post your family veterinarian's phone number as well as the number to our BluePearl Emergency Pet Hospital located closest to you. Be careful handling your pet because even the most loving pet may bite when it is scared and injured.
  2. Call your family's veterinary clinic, or if the emergency takes place outside of their regular business hours, call BluePearl Emergency Pet Hospital for help. Identify the problem or symptoms to our staff member who will provide you with further instructions.
  3. Our team members are committed to delivering the best veterinary care possible for each and every pet that enters our emergency facilities. When you enter our doors, our receptionist will greet you and the triage nurse will assess the medical status of your animal. As in human emergency departments, our patients are seen on the basis of medical priority, with the most life-threatening cases first.

Pet Poison Control
If you think your pet has ingested or otherwise been exposed to a poisonous substance and is showing any of the following symptoms please call ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center or bring your pet to any Emergency Animal Clinic location immediately.

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Trouble breathing
  • Seizures Weak or excessively lethargic
  • Trouble walking/getting up

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center - 
A $65.00 fee will be applied to your credit card for the ASPCA hotline call.  

Since our clinics are dedicated to providing emergency and critical care when your family veterinarian is unavailable, it is important to us and to your pet's doctor that we advise him or her of our course of treatment. We are not a substitute for regular veterinary care, and we encourage all pet owners to establish and develop a relationship with a primary care veterinarian for all of your companion animals.